Diving signals – When you are underwater you can’t talk with other drivers but you still need to communicate your buddy what are you doing or how you feel. That’s why you need to know few simple signs.

Diving signals – I’m OK!

Let’s start with most common sign: i’m OK. It’s a circle made with thumb and forefinger, extending the remaining fingers if possible. You will use this sign very often as a answer but also as a question: are you OK?

blog diving signals padi costa rica ok
Diving signs – OK

Diving signals – Up or down?

Next we have signs with fist and thumb extended. When the thumb is pointing up, it’s mean that we want go up. Of course when the thumb is pointing down – we want go down. Remember that we don’t use thumb up sign to say i’m OK because it can be very confusing to your partner…

blog diving signals padi costa rica
Diving signs – up or down

Diving signals – Something wrong?

In case of uncomfortable situation, just use the sign with an open hand with palm down and fingers apart is rocked back and forth on the axis of the forearm. It’s mean that something is wrong as for example your fin is too loose and you have to adjust it now.

blog diving signals padi costa rica problem
Diving signs – problem

Diving signals – Stay with your buddy.

We are always diving in buddy team. Maybe you want say to your friend get closer to me? Just use a “stay with your buddy” sign. Fists made with both hands, forefingers extended, and hands placed together with forefingers parallel and in contact.

blog diving signs padi costa rica stay
Diving signals – stay together

Diving signals – How much air do you have?

Also very important is how much air do you have. To ask this question just use one hand held flat, palm up, while index and middle finger of the other hand are placed on the palm. How to answer in correct way you will learn on first course – PADI Open Water Diver.

blog diving signs padi costa rica air
Diving signals – how much air?

Don’t stop practicing

Remember that diving is very fun and safe sport. On scuba diving courses you will learn about different signals and methods to communicate with your buddy underwater.

*Graphics by Peter Southwood – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=17466518