Diving Santa – As we all know, Santa Claus lives in Lapland, and also spends there much of the year. The region lies on far northern areas of Norway, Finland, Sweden and Russia. It is surrounded by waters of the Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea, which our Santa could explore on holidays. So Claus could be a diver?

Is Santa Claus can be a diver?

Diving Santa- Health

Each candidate for the open water diver course must honestly answer questions about health. You have to remember that diving is actually for all, and questions about the health only serve to increase security. Is Santa Claus will also have to answer these questions? Yes. Otherwise there will be no gifts…

What about age? Santa Claus was born in 270 year, so today have 1,746 years. Is old age disqualifies a candidate for the diver? Of course no. Even so advanced age is not a contraindication. However with such venerable age is good to visit a doctor. A short study should dispel any doubts as to whether the candidate can freely dip into the water.

Diving Santa – THEORY

As I said earlier, basic Open Water Diver course includes videos, knowledge tests and a written final exam as well. The materials are available in many languages, but unfortunately there is no version in Santa Claus language. However Santa because of his work probably knows all the languages of the world, so the theory also not be a problem.

After the Open Water Diver course is a good idea to take part in the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course to develop skills and acquire permission to dive at greater depths. Marine creatures also waiting for their Christmas presents!

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Diving Santa

Diving Santa – And what specializations Santa should do?

As already established Claus lives in the far north, which is associated with low temperature. Water will certainly be cold all year round, so a good idea is to do a dry suit, ice diving and enriched air nitrox specialization. On the other hand, Santas business trips around the world, provide a unique opportunity to visit many places. So it will be also useful deep, night or the DPV specialization.

Santa Claus certainly can be a certified diver and use the opportunity to deliver gifts also under water. Diver license issued for the Santa Claus? Every diving instructor will conduct training with such an important person. So, Santa Claus absolutely must enter a diving course in Thailand on his wish list!

We can not also forget that the possession of own sleigh ride solves the problem of the extra baggage! Packaging equipment will not be associated with counting every gram.

I wish you all merry and peaceful Christmas, and of course the wonderful upcoming year, with that many dives as you wish.

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