Diving equipment – It’s obvious that we need some gear to make diving activities possible, easier, safer and of course more comfortable. First thing is underwater breathing apparatus with scuba tank which provide the air you need. Using this equipment is very easy and comfortable. You’ll learn this during the PADI Open Water Diver course.

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Diving equipment – Scuba tank and BCD.

Scuba tank is mounted on Buoyancy Control Device, also known as BCD. Basically is a jacket style device which includes an inflatable bladder which we use to adjust the buoyancy underwater, and also provide our positive buoyancy at the surface after diving.

Mask, snorkel, fins.

We also need to use diving mask with snorkel and fins. A mask let us see clearly underwater and also protects our eyes. A snorkel allows breathing at the surface with the face submerged. Obviously fins will help us with efficient propulsion during dive.

Dive computer – your best friend.

Dive Computer will help you to avoid any mistakes during dive and will tell you how much dive time you safely have remaining. Most dive computers indicate depth, time and ascent rate into a single, useful instrument.

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Buy or not to buy – this is the question.

It’s good idea to have your own scuba diving equipment but during diving course you will get full diving kit including bcd, scuba tank, weights, regulator, mask with snorkel, fins, computer and wet suit. You can try all this equipment before you decide on your own. Of course your diving instructor will help you choose the right equipment for you and answer every question. Remember also that a good instructor can offer you a discount for the purchase of equipment!

Do you need help?

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